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Queen's Beasts Completer & Full Set Empty Queen's Beasts Completer & Full Set

Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:48 pm
Before I pack this into a safe not to be seen again for years, I thought it would be nice to share a proper review of the Completer 2oz coin. The Royal Mint has done some really great work with this series. I know not everyone has had a great experience and the typical " its just bullion " does not fly with me. But here is my set. I will continue to be honest with my reviews and keep on stacking and reviewing.
If you have spare time, put on one of my playlists and let it run whilst you sleep, Very Happy  I am working on building up more viewing hours, and aside from more livestreams, which I am going to be doing , this will help a great deal. YouTube has tonnes of algorithms and I need to increase my " watch time hours " sooner than later.
Also if you do like my content, please leave a comment on the videos, and a thumbs up. Everything helps, I do have 2 membership packages which you can enter. Even if you do not have a active YouTube account it helps me keep up with things like the forum, and also the reviews. I am not begging just wanted to ask once and here it is. I thank you all very much.


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