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Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes Empty Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes

Sat Sep 11, 2021 1:19 pm
Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes

I'm at the beginning of my crypto experience and slowly learning more about it. Maybe if we all share what we know about crypto we can expand our overall collective knowledge on the topic.

Due to my unusual OS many of the crypto software wallets do not provide a package for my machine (Unless I compile them from source which I haven't got round too yet) therefore I have been using web wallets (Which I KNOW is bad security OPSEC)

Let's take a look at some of the things I've been using successfully for the past several months as I've been getting to grips with crypto;

Web Wallets:


Exchanges / Wallets: (NO KYC) (Provides Private Wallet Keys) (NO KYC)

Fiat Onramp:


I usually onramp fiat through my KYC'd Kinesis account (And we should all definately have a discussion with regards to our experiences with Kinesis) and then push my "currency" of choice (LTC Litecoin seems to be the easiest to deal with) to the exchanges. Once I've bought my casino chips in the exchange I then shuffle them off to wallets for which I have the private keys therefore taking those "chips" out of control of the exchanges and very much hopefully into my exclusive control.

My next move in the crypto journey is to compile the various wallet software on my own computer and follow highest security OPSEC with regards to the creation & access of my wallets and private keys. Then I intend to learn how to "mine" cryptocurrency.


Some General Notes:

Keep a file of all wallets public and private keys. Preferably in an encrypted file and partition / device.

Physically print that file (And QCODES) on a real piece of paper incase the data becomes corrupted. (I use a direct Parallel connection from PC to Printer)

Back up the files onto a USB Stick / HDD or EMP PROOF CDROM / DVD .

Keep on top of the backups. You can guarantee that the day one of your crypto's hits the moon then your hard drive chooses that day to crap out on you - but only if you haven't made a backup. (Believe it be not, my SSD crapped out on me just the other day - lost a couple weeks of work)

Hide all of the above. Physically. Same way you'd hide metals. (Governments and their goonsquads have been extorting / stealing / laundering crypto from private citizens for years despite publically feigning ignorance of crypto - Why do you think somebody would choose a job where they get to oppress the little people with impunity if not to wilfully hurt, humiliate or extort them? Perfect for little psychopaths)


My present opinion of cryptos in general is that they are casino chips. They're a tool, temporary speculative investment, a means of very immediate currency at best (Monero is a good tool with which to make anonymous donations to the reptillian's fifth column). I feel that there are far too many points of failure for any single one crypto to ever be a "good" currency. Let's take a look at some of those points of failure;

* You need electricity
* The network nodes need electricity
* You need internet
* The network nodes need internet
* You need a computer that hasn't been fried by an EMP
* The network nodes need to be EMP proof.
* Operating Network Nodes requires large computing power and HDD's. Can you solder up a homebrew computer to do this? Probably not so dependancy on corporate hardware infrastructure becomes an issue of availability / trust.
* You need a way to store your PUB/PRI keys that doesn't get fried by an EMP / bitrot / fire.
* You have to trust your wallet provider (Crypto of choice) network has sufficient nodes, is legally resillient jurisdictionally, is EMP proof, hackproof, etc, etc.
* Your computer / web browser / wallet has to be absolutely hack-proof. Good luck with that.
* You have to engage good OPSEC to safely use crypto's.
* Are your exchange and wallets hack-proof at the network / web level? Are the network node operators technically competent to secure their networks / debug their code?
* Will or rather CAN Quantum computers be able to de-encrypt PUB/PRI keys? Who owns quantum computers? Oh yes, our friendly governments and their wonderful communist allies who are currently in breach of multiple egregious violations of western people's rights and freedoms.
* Man in the middle attacks
* DNS / Internet attacks (From governments who control ISP's as well as hackers)
* Legal Regulation
* If the criminal-elite can print fake money and buy crypto...then it's all over before its begun.
* Don't get me started on consumer grade hardware / mobile phone security - They're backdoored at the hardware level just like many of the modern Intel/AMD (e.g via Management Engine) chips. Just where is Intel HQ these days? Oh, only the belly of the beast. Windows itself takes a screenshot of everything you do every few seconds and phone's it home. They listen to everything you say and know where you are and what you're doing and what altitude you're at and who is near you every second of the day. Do you really think they're not keeping a track of your internet keep the children safe of course which the government / royal family, epstein & Co, etc has a REALLY good track record of. They looooovvvee those kids.

* TRUST !!!!

Truly, just buy metal coins. It's so much easier to sleep at night. At least THEY have to outright murder you to get at them. Wile-E-Moose keeps an ACME anvil above the door ready to drop on THEM. Just in case.

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Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes Empty Re: Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes

Sat Sep 11, 2021 1:32 pm
id like it twice if i could, just because you mentioned reptilians, royals and esptein in one post

Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes Empty Re: Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes

Sat Sep 11, 2021 7:29 pm
Thanks for posting and I'm glad to see there are others just as cynical and cautious as I (but still wanting to dabble)!

What do you think about Coinbase and the other major exchange that floks mention along with it (sorry the name escapes me)?
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Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes Empty Re: Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes

Sat Sep 11, 2021 10:41 pm
I can speak about coinbase, 
I received about £100 total free "well I had to do tests" and in 2019 -2020 I bought and sold bit coin, eth, Lte and others.  Your restricted to the ones Coin Base offers. Bit my biggest problem was the Fees!! 
Charge you to make a transaction & to cash out. 
Luckily I did still make money but omg I could have made alot more
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Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes Empty Re: Crypto Sites - Fiat Onramps & Wallets & Exchanges & General Notes

Sat Sep 11, 2021 11:25 pm
Some of the common exchanges:

Coinbase -
Binance -
Kracken -
Kucoin -

Of those I'd try Kucoin. But that's just on hearsay.

I really can't make recommendations. I just don't have the clout to experiment with these exchanges. I went with because it seemed like a dirty alley exchange but with that veneer of ... rowdy shady... rather than knife-in-the-back shady. I could be completely wrong.

It's kinda like... personally, I don't want to go into the gold gilted hall exchanges where all the cameras are doing their CSI:Miami bullspit trying to zoom in on your analprint and the rules (You MUST submit KYC - vwhere are your papers - or else we steal your money) must be obeyed. But you also don't want to go into a dark alley and get shanked. (Money stole...not actually shanked - We ain't that level of 5G VR yet)

I've managed to do quite a few small exchanges on with no issues.

However, even isn't perfect. Several weeks ago, a few days after I bought some Monero, they froze my monero wallet due to legal restrictions on that particular crypto in my country. Just plain luck they didn't get my crypto because I'd just moved it into my own wallet before they froze it. Paranoia and a lack of trust in a third party saved me.

As opposed to exchanges, there are non-kyc swap shops also.

I've used - - several times successfully.

There's a lot of buzz about - - and - - for those who use those in-browser ETH wallets such as - - which I can't get excited about. I've tried metamask and it works but I do not like having my wallet actively in my browser. That seems to be asking for trouble.

There's a site that promotes real P2P exchange among private individuals to cut out the exchange middleman, scary but cool:

A forum community like this could be an ideal place to foster a small private P2P exchange for metals and crypto. For example, if someone sent me a silver coin then I could send them some crypto to get them started rather than them risking their credit card online. Or...I might be willing to sacrifice a coin or two of my own for some Monero. With the forum trust system we could approve each other's transactions similar to ebay. We just start making small transactions to begin with. Anything like a good chunk would have to go via private comms though...else the tax office may have something to say.


At the moment I'm spreading all my options thinly into various avenues. It's a bit like financial prepping. Just hoping that I'll come out of the "great reset" - whatever way it goes to the dark or too the light - with at least a K or two's worth of "something" with which too springboard off. However, there's no better ultimate asset to hold and obtain than knowledge and wisdom. What's ANYTHING in this world worth if nobody is smart enough to create new things and innovate or even fix the stuff we already have? If IQ drops off a cliff with skates on and the nuclear plants meltdown because nobody can fix them...then...that's it ain't it. The next generations IQ is the absolute "money" and economy we should all be worrying about and there ain't no way to buy that, cheat that, print that or fraud that except through genuine hard work.
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