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I am but a shaken bottle.  Empty I am but a shaken bottle.

Wed Mar 16, 2022 10:31 am
Evil or Very Mad So I begin, I am holding back a huge amount of information because this is public. 

Breath <  

I started my ( jonrms ) channel on the 27th of November 2006. 

I began that channel with some loving and awesome memories ( now ) of friends in the MCC I am attached to, and showing a few jokes and mishaps. 

I then began my signature or shall I say mission. My mission was clear. Be honest, Be Truthful, Help Others, and Never Lie. 

I met some lovely people along this journey who I am pleased to still call friends. And together we exposed many fake bullion coins, watches, memory cards, and people. Yes people who lied about various things from being a fire fighter in 911 to scammers who would use you as prey for financial purposes. 

Now I have been holding a resentment for some time, but it is not what it appears. I am getting ready to expose some well known idiots who have used and lied to people for such a long time. People trying to take advantage of the Ukraine War, people who have lied about so much more.  I think if I decide to go down this route and expose them for the scumbags they really are, it would be my biggest exposure in my video and personal time on YouTube. 

Am I seeking fame or fortune for doing this? NO. Do I want to really do this. YES. But only because I am soo fed up with their behaviour and lies that I feel the truth should come out. 

Will I ?    Well that is the big question. I have sat and created a video already, but I have not launched it. I am sure the " spies " will be watching this and perhaps make a 180 degree U turn and end what they are doing. Although I highly doubt this will be the case, I am rambling but I am fed up. 

Why lie? Why use a crisis for personal gain? 

Well we are watching. And We are coming. 

I am but a shaken bottle.  A10

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Posts : 1629
Join date : 2021-05-08
Location : England UK

I am but a shaken bottle.  Empty Re: I am but a shaken bottle.

Wed Mar 16, 2022 10:38 am
I did forget to mention that if you want to donate to the Ukraine in any way shape or forum please be sure you use a non profit and registered organisation. 

There are a few I would suggest but at the end of the day it is your choice. Please use a reputable group that will help. 

As with the London towers, and NY twin towers, we all need to be on our guards about exposure and fake people. 

I know the word FAKE is a bit of a joke now in our modern lives, but do not give the time or day to those who are benefiting in any way shape or form. 

And no I am not Anonymous, or part of them! But the symbol behind my intentions are clear and true.

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