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Nuclear War?  Empty Nuclear War?

Sat Oct 01, 2022 7:19 pm
Does anyone think Putin would do as he has a indirectly threatened and use nuclear weapons in the war with Ukraine?

I don’t think even he would make that mistake plus the Russian power brokers around him would not allow it. Much more likely Putin would ‘fall from a balcony’ in the Russian KGB tradition than be allowed to plunge them into the abyss but maybe I am wrong.

With the call up of reservists just in time for a bleak Russian winter I do get the impression we are getting closer to ending the conflict. I doubt many of those called up will be as enthusiastic after some basic training, sub standard kit and weapon, poor food, shortages of cigarettes and vodka and then throw in the weather.
And add on top the rumours of late pay, pay bonus after the war is over, pay bonus after 1 year, etc.
1 year wait for a bonus would seem like 1 decade stuck in a ice cold wet trench for days on end trying to survive nevermind succeed. It’s not like you can turn around and flee, there are Chechen mercenaries hired by Putin to shoot you.

It worth remembering they have mainly called up reservists from the poorest part of Russia, there are not many (if any) from the big cities and affluent areas.

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The Cat's Mother
The Cat's Mother
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Nuclear War?  Empty Re: Nuclear War?

Sat Oct 01, 2022 9:20 pm
I'm hoping that, if he does lose it badly enough to give the order, he isn't obeyed and the traditional Russian way of dealing with an embarrassment is brought into play.

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Nuclear War?  Empty Re: Nuclear War?

Sun Oct 02, 2022 2:34 pm
My thoughts are mixed. First is I think he ( Putin ) is crazy enough to do it. I do believe he is pushing as far as he can go. It is up to the Western world as to what we are willing to accept, sadly. 

Putin has already put the country on Nuclear readiness. But historically when orders have been given every person has refused them. ( Thankfully ) 

But if he has someone in charge of even 1 station that is given the Green light. That would spell a catastrophic or butterfly effect on the world. 

My other thought would be, would China step in or bow out. I think the world leaders are doing their best at down playing to the public how serious this is. 

In a time where we are all having the S....T squeezed out of us for every penny we have.... You have to look at the bigger picture. Why are we all investing so much in weapons for Ukraine?  Ok a lot of them were outdated to our specs.. but there is some new tech there as well. 

Oh and as much as I hate this guy ( Elon Musk ) I think he deserves a Nobel peace prize for putting satellites up for those country's restricting or cutting off access. Yep. Scary one guy, and he is using his wealth to help. And he is vocal ... I don't like a lot of the crud out his mouth, but he still gives voices to those who are being suppressed.

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