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Various 1/2oz Royal Mint £20 silver bullion coins  Empty Various 1/2oz Royal Mint £20 silver bullion coins

Mon 28 Nov 2022, 21:19
Last post for the night I promise.

I recently bought the following 1/2 oz £20 bullion coins from Royal Mint in Wales.

2013 George and the Dragon, ie a double sovereign in Silver 6 off
2014 Outbreak ie 100 anniversary of 1st world war                 5 off
2015 Churchills                                                                             10 off
2015 Longest Reign                                                                     10 off
2016 Queens 90th Birthday                                                          4 off
2016 Pride of Wales                                                                       3 off
2016 Gift of Xmas                                                                          3 off

And then they decided to stop minting 1/2oz £20 bullion coins, wrapped nicely with photographs and a nice story for the SUBJECTS like ME!
Any interest please PM me.
I am off to bed now because I played golf today and had too many beers. So maybe I am not really sober eh!

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