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Royal Mint Lunar Coins for sale. Empty Royal Mint Lunar Coins for sale.

Tue Jan 17, 2023 8:13 am
I have 2 full sets of these unusual 1oz silver coins.

The R M in their wisdom started a new lunar series in 2014, bullion lunar coin sets always start with the Mouse, anyway they started with the Horse. ha ha

They finished the set after only 7 coins, I think they found out 7 years later that they should have started with the mouse so they finished with the mouse!

2014year of horse, 2015 year of goat/sheep, 2016 year of monkey, 2017 year of rooster/chicken, 2018 year of dog, 2019 year of pig and lastly 2020 year of mouse.

So this unique collection of 7 coins has been made in Wales. 2 sets for sale at £231 SD UK only, ie £33 a coin.

I have some extra sheep and roosters too.

Royal Mint Lunar Coins for sale. Img_2215

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Rod Panhard
Rod Panhard
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Royal Mint Lunar Coins for sale. Empty Re: Royal Mint Lunar Coins for sale.

Tue Jan 17, 2023 5:33 pm
Good luck with the sale, this collection started at the same time I started stacking so I went in heavy on it and what the Royal Mint did absolutely infuriates me. I bought loads of the bullion coins and expensive wooden display boxes thinking there would be the full 12 in the series.

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