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✨ Direct from Germania Mint - Linden Leaf Empty ✨ Direct from Germania Mint - Linden Leaf

Sun Jan 15, 2023 11:07 am
2022 Mythcal Forest Germania Mint 

🚩 Now in Hand 

🌳The Linden Leaf 
The linden tree is a symbol of femininity, life and vitality. In Germanic mythology, it was associated with Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility. The linden is also a tree of lovers, under which they danced and celebrated, so it was planted in the central part of villages.
Planting a linden tree commemorated important events, such as a weddings or childbirths. Coffins were also made from its wood to ensure a peaceful sleep after death. Since the linden tree was associated with peace, it was also a good material for cradles. People took shelter under the tree during storms, believing it protected them from lightning. Touching the bark of the linden tree, on the other hand, was believed to draw diseases out of people and its health properties are widely known and valued even today.

This series was slow to take off but due to Germania Mint's continued high standard of quality, it has now sold out also. 

1 oz Silver Premium Bullion - Mintage 25,000
🚩 A few left. 
🚩 Confirmed at:
✨£31 in special capsule with COA p&p of your choice 

1 oz Silver Proof - Mintage 500 
🚩 Confirmed at:
✨£70 in special capsule, COA and Blister Pack p&p of your choice (Sold Out) 

1 oz Gold Proof - Mintage 100
✨ Please contact with serious special capsule, COA and wooden Beauty Case. (Sold Out) 


✨ Direct from Germania Mint - Linden Leaf Img_2065

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The Cat's Mother
The Cat's Mother
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✨ Direct from Germania Mint - Linden Leaf Empty Re: ✨ Direct from Germania Mint - Linden Leaf

Sun Jan 15, 2023 11:40 am
This is one of my favourite series: it is exquisite, well made, and only four in the series! Unfortunately,  @Panda6Pack , I already have mine on order. Not the gold though, that's out of my reach. If only ..  ✨ Direct from Germania Mint - Linden Leaf 1f63f
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