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World Gold Council - 50 Years - 50 Golden Moments  Empty World Gold Council - 50 Years - 50 Golden Moments

Thu Aug 12, 2021 10:18 pm
World Gold Council. 50years - 50 Golden Moments 

A sparkling 50 feature presentation of Golden themes

1)      1) A Golden View: The Royal Bank Plaza – Toronto – its glass windows tinted with 2500 Oz of Gold.......
2)      2) Dolce Hanoi Gold Lake Hotel – sumptuously glad in Gold sheeting and interiors of 24kt Gold

'The Emirates Palace Hotel' in Abu Dhabi – Vending machine for Gold bars and Coins....
‘Gold in our Oceans’......... 
‘Gold in our food’...... 
‘Shirt made from 4kg of Gold.... 

50 Fascinating views of Gold from many angles.
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