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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Sat Oct 09, 2021 12:14 pm
So we are with Your Repair for our Gas service and heating...

We called them and paid the £60 excess on Sept. 30th.

They sub contract jobs out. They used Ideal for this job, which was my LCD display was not working but we had heating and hot water.

Ideal were supposed to contact us within 24 hours. They didnt. I chased them all week up until yesterday through Your Repair ( who were and still are very good )

Finally a manager at Ideal sent a special Tech to our house who was " keen " to come out straight away.

He opened the boiler and took off the panel, then said that the Gas Regulator was missing 1 Rivet, and one was loose! < I will get back to that.

He said its has been like this for some time. And that it was probably done by the last engineer who 2 years ago replaced the heater exchange.

Ok.... So first off we had many inspections since then. .... All passed with flying colours.

I contacted the last engineer through Your Repair, who is visiting on Monday. Who signed off it was perfect!!!! And is rather annoyed at this Ideal person.

The Ideal person said " we are trained to look for this problem with these boilers" hmmmm He found a fault straight away??? but not the one I was complaining about.
And There are NO rivets on this part!! I have the diagram. And the other engineer confirmed. Its all nuts and bolts!

So I am without hot water and heating, Disabled with 2 kids and a wife left out in the cold so to speak.

Our boiler is over 7 years old, it was installed in 2006. So Your Repair could only offer a discount from Ideal !!! Oh heck no!

I am now waiting and biting my tongue until this engineer comes out to look. But as he signed off on it only 6 months ago, and this is apparently a problem that can condemn our boiler there is a strong small claims action I am starting soon.

Ok I am looking at a new boiler but I can not do anything until Monday. And god knows when they will fit it. I am livid. I am soo angry! I am beyond unhappy. Your Repair has done everything in there power and I can not fault them but sadly they know and have supplied me all the notes Willingly ( because they even think its fishy) that the small claim action would have to be taken out against them.

Well I am fuming, so I am going to walk away now.... But just incase anyone notices I am not in a good mood, you know why. My workshop is hotter than my house!
The Cat's Mother
The Cat's Mother
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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty Re: My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Sat Oct 09, 2021 1:10 pm
That is truly rough. Stick it to them.

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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty Re: My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:29 pm
I feel your pain bud, I've had only intermittent hot water and central heating for a couple of months now Crying or Very sad

The problem isn't the boiler, or at least it wasn't until my annual service under my maintenance contract. It passed with flying colours but the engineer didn't put it back together again properly and after he left I noticed water dripping off the bottom of the boiler when it was on.

Phoned the company to tell them and I expected the guy straight back, or at the very least the next day. No chance - five days later was the earliest they could do, and I was lucky for that 'because it's an emergency call' (!). So, five days without any heating at all because their useless engineer couldn't attach a piece of hose properly before sealing the boiler back up...

It's a different company but also a big one so this may cheer you up as it's quite similar. I had a lot of problems with various parts failing regularly in my boiler a few years ago. They basically replaced almost every part of the boiler at some point (I pay yearly so didn't have to pay for any individual part/work). I forget what happened eventually, but I think perhaps one engineer identified a fault that had caused all the other faults (where they'd simply replaced parts) and it was now beyond the possibility of repair.

The long and the short of it was I had to make the most serious complaint possible but they agreed to have a brand new boiler fitted free of charge, without resorting to a small claims court case. They had a particular firm they used for that in my area, so I can't have been the only person in that unlucky position, but I did get a brand new boiler out of it in the end Smile

I know it's a pain but hopefully all will be resolved to your complete satisfaction even if you do have to go to court (the strength of your case suggests to me that the company would rather/best financially avoid that) Smile

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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty Re: My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Sat Oct 09, 2021 4:21 pm
Thank you everyone.  

My boiler has been serviced regularly since day 1. It's had every part replaced and every receipt kept. As mentioned the engineer who signed off of perfect health is annoyed and coming around on Monday under his own free will to inspect the problem.  He knows there are no such things as rivets on a gas mains tap. He is fuming as he also knows if he missed something it will fall back on his company.  He was contracted by Your Repair to do a safety and full inspection 6 months ago. And as Ideal stated this was a fault that was years old ( BS!)  HE IS RIGHTLY concerned.  
I need to wait until Monday to see what is happening and what will be done. The engineer is polite and understands my frustration.  
I have also had to contact my home insurance because this is part of the T&C's . I was sent my legal teams number to follow up on one way or another as if it was Ideal who condemned it wrongly there is a claim. But if a safety check has been missed it has not only put us at risk but also has this hardship compensation as well. Either way Your Repair will be hit with legal action. 
Even if its up and running again we ate replacing our boiler. We just hope to have heating and hot water in the mean time as it can be weeks

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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty Re: My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Sat Oct 09, 2021 5:07 pm
Ah that's a real pain and a nightmare to get everything sorted. Hope it gets resolved soon.
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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty Re: My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Tue Oct 12, 2021 7:30 pm
Ok I lost it and sent them the details from the engineer, and of course the payments etc. But here is my nasty letter. I should have added more but I couldn't be bothered to, I will add more if they reply. Funny as they normally reply very quickly. But this has no reply on it.

Hello Chris, Firstly thank you for your time and ownership of this situation from Day 1. You have been a great help and a friendly voice in chaos. Sadly I must now make this formal so please pass on the above as my complaint is not with you at all.
My points are, The boiler was wrongfully condemned, as shown above by the engineer your company asked to do a safety inspection and also service on.
I am disabled and was left with no heating or provisions by your company, and no hot water over the weekend. This was made worse due to numerous phone calls trying to get an engineer out to replace a £17 part.
No only was the engineer Rude and quick judging about my boiler, but left rubbish behind, and stole the fuse from the electrical socket. This was never mentioned to me, and he had no consent to take away my property from my house. I am asking you to notify the police or I will be in regards to this theft, as all other proper measure were used to prevent the boiler from being turned on.
I still have that panel to have replaced, but I will seek the above installer to do this job for me. I am sadly lacking trust as you can imagine.
Please confirm if the engineer was certified for electronics or not.
I will be writing a letter as well to CORGI with regards to his obvious lack of knowledge as well as a full complaint.
I am not only seeking an apology but I am seeking the £65 I had paid to have my boiler working today, The £60 call out fee we paid for the misfortune of Ideal visiting us, and Compensation for me and my family being out of heating and hot water. ( as I mentioned I am severely disabled,) and I was in severe paid trying to have a bath that took over 45 minutes to make with constant trips upstairs to the bathroom by my wife. This was an avoidable risk that should have never happened in the first place.
I would like a reply in writing as to if and what your company is planning to do. Failing this I will contact my legal advisor on my home insurance and peruse the rightful compensation and refunds I am entitled to.
I understand that despite Ideal making the mistake, as the contractor and agent Your Repair is responsible for all claims. I am sad to see this has come to this matter but I sadly must follow the legal and obvious route to a solution.
This has caused great stress and physical pain on myself and family. I am not prepared to go through this again, as such despite my boiler being in full operational order Minus the original problem ( that I will get fixed independently ) I will start a search for a new boiler.
In conclusion, Chris you have been Great!
I am wanting a refund for the call out, the refund for my expense paid by the engineer you first appointed. And Compensation.
Also please notify the police regarding the Theft, or I will and send you the log reference number.
I will be in touch with CORGI with all these details.
Thank you again.

Official Complaint! Reply within 7 working days.
Mon 11th October 2021 at 5:23pm

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My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!  Empty Re: My Rant, Totally off topic .. But my rant!

Tue Oct 12, 2021 7:34 pm
And here is the Engineers report, minus some details.

Call-out to boiler at XXXXXXXXXXXX
Boiler previously deemed unsafe due to 1 missing and 1 loose gas valve support bracket
After removing the gas valve and support bracket completely from the boiler the previous
diagnosis was found to be incorrect as both of the support lugs are present and sound.
The bracket that supports the gas valve had previously been installed incorrectly having
not been located on the lugs at the rear as required. I have now installed the support
bracket and gas valve correctly the bracket is located on both the lugs at the rear and fixed
in possition with the locking nut to the front. with the gas valve now correctly supported
and both support bracket lugs clearly in view the boiler has been reinstated so the
customer once again has heating and hot water.
There is still the fault with the user control unit this needs replacing with new.

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