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Thankyou Secret Santa!!! ????????  Empty Thankyou Secret Santa!!! ????????

Sat Dec 25, 2021 12:41 pm
Just to say a thankyou to my Christmas Santa
Here is the card I received...
Thankyou Secret Santa!!! ????????  Receiv10
A beautiful 1oz Ag Mandrill coin...
A while back I was shocked to learn my brother adopted a mandrill! (WWF)
I suppose that makes me a monkey’s uncle. 👀
Thankyou Secret Santa!!! ????????  20211219
Moving on (swiftly)...
There was also some chocolate gold bars.
I know they were chocolate as I originally had 3 and as you can see from the photo I tried one....

Many thanks and Happy Christmas Everyone!!!
Thankyou Secret Santa!!! ????????  20211218

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