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The Cat's Mother
The Cat's Mother
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Hello All members Empty Hello All members

Fri 07 Jan 2022, 14:11
Hello - this was included in the Newsletter today, and as instructed (yeah, right) I am posting it here as well to get the maximum audience. PLEASE let us have any views or comments.

Hello All Members.
Can we (Admin and the Moderators) ask you to have a think about the Forum, and what you would like to see on it, and to let us know?

We have noticed that there is a hard core of around a dozen members who regularly post and comment on threads, and this isn’t many out of our membership of 112. In the same vein, there have been only a small number of entries into the giveaways, and joining in the Secret Santa. New members have posted and then gone quiet. We are worried that there may be members out there who may not be getting everything they can out of the Forum, and who don’t feel happy about posting, or even liking/disliking posts. It may be that such a small number of active posters make the Forum seem a bit ‘cliquey’, and we would hate that to be the case.

We want every member to feel comfortable about participating. If you are genuinely happy just reading the posts, and maybe PMing other members, which we wouldn’t know about, then that is absolutely fine and we are glad you are getting something out of the Forum. If you are in that group, it would be good if you could like/dislike posts so we can see that there is a lively interest. But if you would like to join in and feel put off for some reason, then we need to know and to make adjustments to allow as many as possible to participate. The Cat’s Mother is particularly keen to see the lady members (horrible phrase I know, sorry) taking an active role.

So, we would dearly love to know what the difficulties are and if there is anything that we could do to make the Forum a more welcoming place and to encourage joining in, posting (and liking posts!). Please let us know. If you feel uncomfortable doing this publicly then please feel free to PM Admin, The Cat’s Mother or Short John Silver (or all of us). Don’t be afraid to criticise: that’s how we’ll know we need to make changes, but we would welcome suggestions how to improve things too. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that all points will be taken on board, but we’ll do our best.

On a more practical point: all three of us are at an age (21+) when we know memory can cause hiccups. If you have forgotten your password it’s easy to get a new one either by using the button on the login page or by contacting Admin direct.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hello All members Empty Re: Hello All members

Mon 10 Jan 2022, 14:37
Personally, I am happy with how things are growing here Smile one step at a time, our group gets bigger and more things will happen, I say let it evolve as it has been, include new sections to fit the wider range of topics as they are needed but above all, keep up the great work @The Cat's Mother @Admin, what you are doing for the community is fantastic and is appreciated, Thank you for what you have built and maintain to give us all a safe place to gather and share in the wealth of knowledge the community has to offer Wink

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