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Shipping to another Forum member Internationally Empty Shipping to another Forum member Internationally

Mon Feb 21, 2022 11:55 am
Here are some tips and suggestions, 

Remember it is your responsibility to follow the rules and laws. 

I have packages shipped from friends every so often and we ship back and forth. This is not to avoid certain things, it is because we can not get some silver items here and vice versa. 

So here are my tips. 

Firstly, have insurance on your Tracked packages.  The Royal Mail use Special delivery or tracked. The values of the items I have sent have never exceeded the limit on the claim but read the small print! Do this at home and not in the post office!!!!

Packaging.   It is very important to use 2 or 3 types of packaging even if you only intend on send a 1 oz round. Bubble wrapped packaging, a internal envelope and even brown paper on the outside. Put the address of yourself or the person you are sending it to on EACH layer.  If it goes missing your likely it will return. I had a package go missing for over 6 months, and it was returned. That is a exception to the rule mind you. 

Put a personal note inside. Saying Thank you, happy birthday if it is their birthday.  Cool add some chocolates, or something that does not add weight and is not of any value. Do not just add extra coins, bullion etc. You need to break up the package. Send a packet of gum or mints. 

If you are shipping internationally be careful how you word the customs form. If you are doing a favour for someone, gift is acceptable. But be careful. You are responsible and it could be a fine if you try to avoid taxes and are shipping a large amount. That could be considered money laundering and I know a few people who have been taken to court!!! Yes and fined. Both Shipper and receiver. PS the goods were destroyed! 

At the end of the day if your only sending a couple of ounces or a 10 oz bar than that is fine. Just use common sense. label it up as something relative to what your also including in the package. I can not give you any more information because it could be misleading. 

If you have ever seen the packages I have received for myself and other members, you will note that there are usually chocolates, stickers, and a whole heap of things inside a big box. But the value wouldn't attract customs attention anyway. I am not shipping hundreds of ounces at a time. The most I have ever done was a kilo! And that was for a prize won and it was a genuine Gift! 

Be extremely careful and if you need help I will try, but read the above. If you want someone to ship it for you, I ship to the USA and Canada and around the globe. But mainly to the USA. Where I have built up a friendship with a few people and we play tag with gifts. So it is a bit fun.
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