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Hobby to a profession?? Empty Hobby to a profession??

Mon Mar 07, 2022 10:08 pm
hi, have been facinated by gold + silver since i was a child and metal in general has played a big part in my life (im a welder + keen metal detectorist)
i have for the last couple of years been messing around with a homemade foundry, i have cast a few 1oz sterling silver bars, a couple of 999 gold bars and countless aluminium ingots, i have also done some refining (also very interested in chemistry) - i love it, it has become somewhat of an addiction haha.
how would i go about turning it into an occupation? if i wanted to sell bullion that i have cast would i be required to register with any organisation? would my bullion need to be tested for quality ? or could i just punch it with a serial number, fineness mark and logo and sell ?
any info would be greatly appreciated

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The Cat's Mother
The Cat's Mother
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Hobby to a profession?? Empty Re: Hobby to a profession??

Tue Mar 08, 2022 10:14 am
Hello and welcome to the Forum @Higgins94 . We have members who are much better qualified than I am to help you with this and I'm sure they will be more than happy to help. I tend to wear gold and silver rather than cast it, and would advise that from a purchaser's perspective the more guarantees there are the better. Where precious metals are concerned that means hallmarks (in the UK) even when they might not be strictly required by law. @AceBullion is your man to tell you all about that, and he's very ready to help.

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Hobby to a profession?? Empty Re: Hobby to a profession??

Wed Mar 09, 2022 7:25 am
welcome in Higgins, I believe you came over from my other group if I am right??? the FB group

I noticed the refining, hence giving away the mystery. 

As for selling metals, if it is a precious metal, Gold, Silver, Platinum etc. you will need to check out the local laws in your area. In America there are no legal requirements to selling Precious Metals and stamping what ever you like on them. 

In Europe you have to have a hallmark, and in the UK you have to have a hallmark. These are done by Assay offices. Which will conduct tests and prove that the metal is genuine. Otherwise it is just a bit of ( Metal ) or White metal if silver 

There are some areas that you can go around this, such as Bullion. Although this is a risky thing. And even an established dealer or business like AceBullion ( my alt account )  has trouble selling 10oz and 5 oz bars that have not been hallmarked. I think I will either remove them from my website or send them with my latest batch to the Edinburgh Assay Office. 

Anyway welcome in, there are plenty of messages in the top of the forum welcoming you. 

I hope you find it fun here. 
as far as I am aware your the first from the group to join since I posted that thread.
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