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'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics  Empty 'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics

Mon Jul 05, 2021 5:21 pm
Hi everyone. 😁 I was wondering, do you prefer the standard government silver bullion i.e. 'Queen’s Beasts, U.S. Silver Eagle, Perth Mint etc. Or the more premium +, semi-numismatics of The Mint of Gdansk or Powercoin. etc? 😁👌
Rod Panhard
Rod Panhard
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'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics  Empty Re: 'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics

Mon Jul 05, 2021 9:46 pm
Standard government bullion for me, some people don't care for anything with Betty Battenbergs head on it but I don't mind, they say to get the government bullion of the country you live in as it's instantly recognisable when the time comes to sell and I tend to agree, especially in the UK where it's capital gains tax free. I got an e-mail from powercoin today showing some new alien cyborg series and I had a guess at the price - and I was way short. It was just shy of 400 Euros for 3 oz.
I've said it elsewhere on this and other forums, if I could begin my stacking journey again it would just be bullion and no numismatics, I don't have the expertise to pick the right ones and also the timing on the numismatic silver that will appreciate in value (or even just hold their value) when it comes to flipping and I don't have the heart to see them tarnish or arrive sub standard.
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'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics  Empty Re: 'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics

Tue Jul 06, 2021 2:03 pm
I just buys what I'ze likes, me.

Sounds n00b or naive, right? Maybe, but...

Even if I'm broke...I just can't part with pieces I'm attached too and I'm certainly not going to entertain silly offers for them. Ever.

Government bullion...who cares, there's millions of them, I'll trade that. It's liquid. So I try not to acquire any great quantity of it. Though some such as the Queen's Beast's are kinda nice in themselves and I have to admit admiring the Australian Dragon bars - They make great gifts to inspire and introduce new investors and the next generation alike to the meaning of silver and sound money.

Essentially, I can't afford bulk quantities of metal so I'd rather pay a little extra to have cute coins and fill collections that I won't be tempted to split or offload. It's only going to make a few ounces of difference to my tiny stack in the long run anyway. Meanwhile family can admire the art pieces. Other stackers may have more material...but I have always tried to make sure I kept some soul in who I am, what I've got, what I'm doing and where I'm going.

I think, with careful choices, it can all pan out in the end. There are other currencies in this world; hope, appreciation, wonder, beauty, virtuosity, inspiration, recpirocation, etc that we're metaphysically trading in as we live our lives. We've gotta invest in some of that too or else what is the point... in any of this?

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'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics  Empty Re: 'Common' bullion or premium + semi numismatics

Tue Jul 06, 2021 7:35 pm
I suggest to anyone looking to save, buy government backed.
To those collectors I still suggest having a base of maples / Eagles / Britannias etc. But I say buy what you like, however wait a little bit if possible. Because there will usually be a hype that dies down on some bullion. NOT all and in these cases buy asap and more than one if possible. You can sell on any others for a profit and getting the ine you want essentially free!!!
I now buy only premium bullion. Saying that I buy A LOT of milky and damaged scratches bullion too for AceBullion.

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