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Leaving Feedback for members Empty Leaving Feedback for members

Sun Jul 18, 2021 2:56 pm
As many groups and forums have, we have a area where you can leave feedback for members quite easily.

If you click on a members profile, Then Visitor messages take Mervs, You will see that you can leave a message, or a message has been left.

If you wish to post a message and review of a service or see about any feedback please look there for now.

But to post you simply need to find the user,

Click on Visitor messages.

In Red and top Right corner of the blank screen will show ( NOUVEAU )

Click on that it will ring up a typical looking message. Enter a subject IE Bar Bought ... Or Bar Sold to ...

And you can enter your description and details of transaction. Please remember to not post personal information on anyone's account.

If you have a problem with a transaction please ask ADMIN first, as everyone has different tolerances.

I hope this helps.

PS Feedback works BOTH WAYS...... Buyer & Seller. If your using the mobile app you might be required to switch it to PC if you need or want to add pictures etc.

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