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The FED, Interest Rates & Precious Metals Empty The FED, Interest Rates & Precious Metals

Sun Aug 08, 2021 10:50 pm
It's a crazy world and sometimes the very thing that brings you down can ultimately lift you up!
On Friday August 6th, precious metals sold off big time, after an extremely strong 'Jobs/payroll' release in the U.S. pointed to strong recovery in the economy.
GOLD and other precious metals slumped to their worst levels in weeks, while the U.S. Dollar strengthened. 

If the next 'jobs report' is as strong it could lead the FED to ultimately consider raising interest rates and tapering the Q.E. asset purchasing. If they raise rates and taper too sharply, too quickly it could create shock waves in U.S. equities with a deep correction and lead to a stampede of dollars into safe-haven assets like PRECIOUS METALS.

We will see what happens - the tide comes in - the tide goes out.
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