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When did you start your precious metals collecting?  Empty When did you start your precious metals collecting?

Thu Jul 08, 2021 6:24 pm
Hi everyone.. I started 'futures trading' of Gold about 2005.I was doing OK then came one correction and profits fell away.. I got a margin call from broker and decided I get out... Naturally it went back up again after a week or so🙄. Give it up until 2006 when I decided I'd buy the real thing... You could get a 1gram bar of. 999 gold for £10 on ebay.!!! Built a nice collection of these little 1 grams and Silver art bars and intended keeping them for few years till gold really took off.
Then our daughter got married (and over in florida) so had to sell everything to do my duties... Started collecting again, small time in 2015 and sold nearly all the gold, spring 2020. Kept couple of 1/10 Australian gold 'kangaroos'..and 7.5gm in small bars. Also sold some Platinum bars but kept the Silver.... And have been adding to the Silver since early this year... I do believe we are entering a new long term Commodities cycle... So good luck to all who believe in precious metals... 😁👌

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When did you start your precious metals collecting?  Empty Re: When did you start your precious metals collecting?

Fri Jul 09, 2021 1:08 pm
The idea in trading " virtual" bullion is appealing, but it has too many risks for me. I have only dabbled in Crypto using Coin Base. But the charges are very high per transaction.

I still have made money that way. But for me owning physical Bullion is where I like to be. My view is at the end of the day, should I die tomorrow or something happens. There is Physical bullion on hand for my family. Selling that is easy, but sometimes a pain. Everyone wants to beat you up over prices. But sticking to your guns gives you a chance.

That is my opinion

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