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What is wrong with the world? Empty What is wrong with the world?

Thu 29 Sep 2022, 12:24
Ok so unless you have had your head in the sand, there is no way of escaping the fact that the world is in a basket labelled Hell. 

The British pound has been dropping... lowest since 1985

Gold is dropping but that is because the dollar is also dropping ( ps That is silver too ) 

There are massive flooding's around the globe, from Pakistan to America,

My 2 cents are this. 

Keep cash at your home!   You need at least a weeks supply if not more! 
Stock up on essentials. If your in the UK anything that will keep stock up on. 
Don't panic. Your already too late 
Keep some money in your bank. 
But have the physical bullion too. 

Now I know this is a preppers way of thinking, but the way things are really going, I fear with the border closing on Russia, ( yes we know it has effected a lot, but we all messed up on other things )  I fear that we are inching closer to another war!  It is written all over. American troops are moving, Russian Troops are moving ( not just in Ukraine ) 
The leader of China has passed away, The Queen passed away. 

All the sensible people seem to be going away, leaving us with baboons. Yes that's right baboons. 

Ok if you read this far I went over the top. But for a reason, Yes the worlds economy is in turmoil, but how can it be fixed. None of us can do it, but how can we safeguard ourselves for the future? I really do worry about the future for my 2 boys. And in a logical way. 

Your thoughts are welcome. Please be polite to all. We have different views... but that is what makes us great! a world that can communicate and agree to disagree at times. 


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What is wrong with the world? Empty Re: What is wrong with the world?

Fri 30 Sep 2022, 04:28
Yeah being a bit more self sufficient is really important and not losing touch of skills.... so many people live in an instant gratification, convenience, reactionary lives.

Be kind, remember that wealth isn't about possessions, I assure you that even though I don't have a great asset portfolio, I am a millionaire considering my network of friends, colleagues and one thing that you can't put a dollar (or pound) on is the value of your reputation.

In regards to food, buying together in bulk can save a lot of money and invest in items such as a vacuum sealer.

I've taught myself how to make a lot of things, repurposing and even basic like how to hunt, grow plants, take care of animals... learn how to fix, re-use, repurpose and recycle.

Sadly I have been a little concerned about the direction of a few things in this world and consider myself lucky to be living in Australia where we are a little more removed but still doesn't save us from any of this as it is a global scale (usually we are just a time-frame behind)... sadly because I have chosen not to have kids for these reasons amongst others. I do worry about the next generations to come and what they will have to face.

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What is wrong with the world? Empty Re: What is wrong with the world?

Sat 01 Oct 2022, 19:02
War, Fiat money, economic pain and gain, natural disasters are all things that have happened previously and no doubt will happen again.

But inflation has an incredible habit of making the majority poorer and that’s what’s happening in the UK right now,

To make it worse, the government have done nothing to help the supply side which is driving inflation except lower taxes due to a belief in a limited notion of trickle down economics which at best is moderately successful.

Meanwhile the middle classes are being pushed into the poor category, while the rich get further away,

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Squirrelling coins
Squirrelling coins
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What is wrong with the world? Empty Re: What is wrong with the world?

Sun 02 Oct 2022, 13:43
The World is certainly in a mess at the minute, with things getting worse not better sadly.

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